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Home and mobile Hairdresser in Lanarkshire

We’re a hairdresser that offers all the perks of a perfect chilled out home environment either you can come to me or have me in your own home. The range of services we can provide is not limited by location or opening hours, and all our hairdressing procedures can be done from the comfort of a homely environment. At Infinity Hair Design & Extensions, we decided that hairdressing shouldn’t be restricted to the salon, and so our home or mobile hairdressing services allow you the freedom to make an appointment in Lanarkshire. If you're interested, get in touch on 07809575391

Fully-equipped and ready to go

At Infinity Hair Design & Extensions, we have access to the full range of scissors, combs, dyes, sprays, and waxes that we could possibly need, I’m home based meaning you can come to me or that we can come to your home and give your hair some style with all the convenience of a fully-equipped salon. And, thanks to our mobility, we can quickly source any specialist item that we might need at short notice. Sound good? Just give us a call for more information about our equipment and services

We cover a range of hairstyles

We can do a variety of styles for you like extensions, curls, colouring and more with the help of our home and mobile hairdressing services. This means that you never have to go far to get the look that you want. If you'd like, you can let us know in advance what sort of style you're looking for, or we can arrive and get situated before discussing what you'd like us to offer. Also please be aware if you are a new client or an existing client who has not had a colour service in the last 6 months by ourselves we require you to have a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.


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